Noku Phuket Unveils Noku Spa: Where Nature Meets Modern Serenity

Noku Phuket is excited to announce Noku Spa’s opening in September 2023, where contemporary design and nature’s tranquility converge. Nestled within Noku Phuket, Noku Spa offers bespoke wellness experiences in private treatment suites inspired by Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water elements. Our expert therapists blend nature seamlessly into each treatment, creating a harmonious connection between guests and their chosen element. State-of-the-art facilities, including infra-red rooms, steam saunas, and a lush garden with a private pool, enhance the wellness journey. Perched on Chalong’s hillside, Noku Spa provides stunning vistas for an ideal relaxing sanctuary.

We eagerly await your arrival at Noku Phuket!

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