Merz Aesthetics making debut of ‘Belotero Revive’, getting ready to revolutionize transparent skin trend

Merz Aesthetics Thailand, a leading global company, manufacturer and distributor of the Ultherapy® device , Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler and Botulinum Toxin supplies for Aesthetics clinics dedicated to bringing confidence to all Thai people, aiming to build confidence for new generations who want to have their own beautiful, smooth, healthy, and natural-looking skin. Merz recently introduced the world’s first hyaluronic acid dermal filler from Switzerland ‘Belotero Revive’ in the ‘Reviving your skin, Refreshing your day’ event organized at Fashion Hall, Siam Paragon. The event was joined by two famous Thai superstars, Karnklao ‘Grace’ Duaysianklao and Thanapat ‘Film’ Kawila, selected as brand ambassadors to represent the new generations’ perfect skin.

Kittiwan Rattanachandr, Associate Vice President of Merz Aesthetics Thailand, shared that Merz Aesthetics, a global company with a long history of more than 115 years, has been established in Thailand for over eight years. The company’s mission is to develop superior products while empowering health care professionals, patients, and employees to live every day with confidence, believing confidence is a fundamental factor in finding success in life. These are the reasons behind the debut of Belotero Revive, the world’s first skin quality dermal filler from Switzerland, in which Merz Aesthetics has kept pace with collaborative product development research for several years. This aims to obtain the best results for everyone’s skin, particularly through the company’s ‘Reviving your skin, Refreshing your day’ campaign, which has been used as a tool to communicate directly with consumers.
“This revolutionary dermal filler, which is used at the pre-skincare step for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation, unveils an ideal combination of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Glycerol, with the dual action power for better skin quality. This Switzerland dermal filler has been sold in more than 32 countries across the world since 2019. Here comes the time for Thai people to experience the world’s first dermal filler that crates four new dimensions of ideal skincare results, including firmness, smoothness, radiance, and balance of moisture, which last for up to nine months. Ideal for those having problems with dry skin, dehydrated skin, and lack of elasticity, which have become the most common skin problems among Thai people, Belotero Revive is here to help improve the quality of facial skin, getting ready to reach a faster route to greater confidence in life.”

Dr. Smith Arayaskul, publicly known as Dr. Oak, MD Aesthetic Physician, and Anti-aging Specialist at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital and Chief Executive Officer & Founder at Smith Prive’ Aesthetique, was also invited to share his insights on the ‘Transparent Skin’ trend of 2023 and provide suggestions on effective ways to help everyone own naturally smooth and healthy skin harmlessly. According to Dr. Smith, this new trend has emerged from the combination of ‘Glassy Skin’ and ‘Clear Skin’, changing dull skin to be healthier and brighter with radiance at the same time. It is a new dimension of skincare trends that reflects the concept of modern people who have a strong desire to own beautiful, healthy, smooth, and natural-looking skin. It can also be said that consumers are currently looking for new techniques that help simplify skincare routines, for instance, a product that helps increase skin firmness and moisture, particularly keeping the skin healthy and radiant inside and out.

For those who want to restore the structure of the skin inside and out, injecting Belotero Revive is the answer to the transparent skin trend. With the most effective dual action power provided by the combination of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Glycerol, the fullness in the facial skin is restored with a youthful look. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) must be fine and able to blend with the skin until it looks as natural as possible, while Glycerol is active in maintaining mechanisms in the skin that retains moisture and produces stabilizing substances in the skin to help improve skin quality. Belotero Revive is the one-and-only dermal filler that is key to transparent skin, adding volume to areas that lack fullness, smoothing out lines and wrinkles on the face, and keeping the skin healthy.

This is the first time for Merz Aesthetics Thailand to have its brand ambassadors, Karnklao ‘Grace’ Duaysianklao and Thanapat ‘Film’ Kawila, to represent the new generations’ perfect skin. According to Ms. Kanklao or “Grace”, who is recognized as a popular female superstar with beautiful and healthy skin, she always takes care of her skin health. It is very important to use skin moisturizer to keep her skin healthy and apply sunscreen regularly whenever she goes out in the sun. Since she was young, she has never expected to experience dry or damaged skin at all. Belotero Revive is the answer. It helps her skin glow quickly and naturally, thanks to its special properties that can rejuvenate the skin from its exact structure. This revolutionary dermal filler also plays a vital role in making her daily makeup much easier.

Meanwhile, Mr. Thanapat or “Film”, a very charming actor with a lovely smile, said that he is a fitness freak and always takes care of his health while eating good food and having healthy skin are very important. Having a large amount of work to do each day, he doesn’t usually have time for himself. Fatigue and dry skin can be seen on his face. However, he has finally found Belotero Revive, which helps restore his skin to fullness, smoothness, and radiance. This one-of-a-kind dermal filler not only helps simplify his makeup methods but also unveils secrets for healthier-looking skin inside and out.

In addition to the direct experience and excellent skincare techniques shared by the two brand ambassadors at the event, Mr. Thanapat also surprised all the fans with his sweet singing for the first time. The event ended with the meet & greet and lucky draw activities hosted by the two brand ambassadors. To get updated news and more information about Belotero Revive, please visit www. and Facebook: Merz Aesthetics Thailand.

About Merz Aesthetics®
Merz Aesthetics® is a medical aesthetics business with a long history of empowering health care professionals, patients and employees to live every day with confidence. It aims to help people around the world look, feel and live like the best versions of themselves — however they define it. Clinically proven and category-leading, its product portfolio includes injectables, devices and skin care treatments designed to meet each patient’s unique needs with high standards of safety and efficacy. Being family owned for more than 112 years, Merz Aesthetics® is known for building unique connections with customers who feel like family. Merz Aesthetics®’ global headquarters is in Raleigh, N.C., USA, with a commercial presence in 36 countries worldwide. It is also a part of Merz Group, which was founded in 1908 and is based in Frankfurt, Germany. Learn more at

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