For the second year in a row, Bangkok Patana School hosted the second annual Thailand Economics Competition 2019 sponsored by Bangkok Bank.

Aimed at high school students, the competition took place over a two-week period and was participated by approximately 200 high school students from schools across Thailand.

The competition itself was a challenging multiple-choice paper designed to test the knowledge and the ability of participants to analyse socio-economic situations and apply relevant economic theory with an emphasis on Thailand. The top three highest scoring participants would win a cash prize of 10,000THB, 5000 THB and 2500THB, respectively.

The competition asked students questions on nearly all aspects of the Thai economy from the provinces in the Eastern Economic Corridor to analyzing the economic impact of the latest ASEAN summit.

Ultimately, there was a three-way-tie at first place. Three highest scoring participants were Sirada Boonsitanon from Concordian International School, Xiaoyuan Shang from Shrewsbury International School and Chayapat (Cue) Chinthammit from Bangkok Patana School.

The competition was organized by Chawin Asavasaetakul, a Year 13 student, and Helen Berghuis, Head of Faculty (Humanities) at Bangkok Patana School.

“I think it is wonderful opportunity to engage the younger generation on important, and often neglected, socio-economic issues in Thailand through an economic and anthropological lens. Economics is more than simply supply and demand you learn in class” Chawin said. “I was motivated to organize this competition when I realized that some of my Thai friends are so well read about other countries’ economic situations yet know very little about the state of the Thai economy, even though they are living in Thailand.”

He adds that he hoped everyone found the competition to be a fun and rewarding experience.

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